Fleas, Ticks and Worms

There are so many products on the market, for prevention and treatment of the various parasites that may afflict your pet, that it is quite hard to choose between them all. Our vets and nurses are very happy to advise on this subject and we will tailor our advice to your particular animal and situation.

  • Fleas and intestinal worms are always with us and require continuous preventive measures.
  • In a household with young children the prevention of round worms is a priority.
  • If your cat is a fiendishly successful hunter then tapeworm and fleas will need frequent eradication.
  • If getting a tablet down your fiendish feline is likely to result in serious bodily harm then you may opt for spot-on treatments for both fleas and worms.
  • If it is tick season and your dog habitually returns from foraging in the undergrowth pickled in ticks then you will want to use a product that kills ticks as well as fleas.
  • If your pet has a passport, and is going to holiday abroad with you, you will need products that also protect against foreign parasites not found in this country.

Many of the most effective and comprehensive treatments are category POM-V (prescription only) so we will need to have examined your pet within the last year in order to supply them. We offer a FREE consultation for animals who have not been examined sufficiently recently so please do take advantage of this. 

With such an extensive range of products on the market now, we no longer feel able to advise a “one size fits all” strategy for parasite control. Talk to us about your pets and your situation and let as make a plan for you.