Hospital Facilities

We have a purpose-built, easy-to-clean hospital with underfloor heating, natural light and ventilation through the roof and air conditioning.

We have a separate ward for dogs and cats and an isolation ward in which infectious cases can be nursed. Rabbits and guinea pigs (and other small creatures) also have a separate area and we have a tortoise table with a UVa and UVb heat lamp ensuring that all species are catered for. Each ward has been fitted out with quiet, clean, comfortable kennels and we use Feliway diffusers in the cat ward and Adaptil diffusers in the dog ward to help our patients feel safe and relaxed. We do not scrimp on bedding. If a patient needs a duvet, he or she will get a duvet; otherwise vetbeds and blankets are used throughout each patients stay to help ensure their comfort. We also address our patient's dietary needs and we are happy to cook fresh chicken and fish, or take a trip to Tesco and purchase a packet of fresh prawns if that is what an individual patient would prefer. We have a well stocked food cupboard with a variety of "ordinary" cat and dog foods as well as some specialised diets.

The day starts with the post night duty vet and nurse performing a thorough ward round of all patients. The veterinary surgeon will then phone each owner to let them know how their pet is doing. We aim to do this first thing in the morning however, sometimes we have a large number of inpatients and it can therefore take a while. The night duty nurse will hand over all her patients to the day nurse so that they can continue the same level of care. The whole process is repeated at the end of the day where the incoming night duty vet has a hand over, performs a ward round and phones all owners.

All patients, whether day patients or inpatients, are monitored closely throughout the day and evening (and often through the night) by our dedicated RVN's and student nurses. We have three nurses on the wards each day; one to look after the day patients and two to look after the inpatients and they are assisted by our Veterinary Nursing Assistants. This ensures continuous care and a high standard of nursing care. Hospital sheets are used for each patient and are updated on a regular basis, depending on the patients condition. They are used to record such details as temperature, pulse, respiration rate, whether a patient has eaten or drunk, urinated or defecated and what their general demeanor is like. Drug treatment plans and specific case needs are also recorded on these sheets and therefore all vets and nurses are able to see quickly and easily each patients requirments. 

Our RVN's are able to nurse a whole variety of patients and our student nurses are taught to look after each patient to a high standard of nursing care. Trauma cases, post surgical cases, medical cases, rehabilitation, blood transfusions, management of feeding tubes, catheters and chest drains are all cases that we see on a regular basis and are happy to manage.

Perhaps more importantly though, our vets and nurses deliver TLC and will treat and look after your pet as if he or she were their own.