Surgical Facilities

The Veterinary Centre is able to carry out routine surgical procedures at our Twyford and Henley surgeries. Our Henley surgery is fully equipped to carry out more complex surgical procedures including soft tissue surgery and orthopaedic surgery. We have digital x-ray facilities, including dental x-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy, bronchoscopy and arthroscopy and a wide range of surgical instruments and equipment. Because we provide our own hospitalisation facilities you can be confident that your pet will be closely monitored and looked after following the more complex procedures.

We have a dedicated preparation room, operating theatre and dental suite and a second operating theatre is currently being planned.

Each surgical patient receives a full pre-anaesthetic examination and pre-anaesthetic blood sampling (if required). They are monitored closely under anaesthetic by Registered Veterinary Nurses or by student veterinary nurses undergoing their training. We have two multiparameter machines and a blood pressure machine to aid anaesthesia monitoring and everything is done to aid a smooth an anaesthetic as possible.