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With the change in seasons and the colder weather coming, it is important to be aware of some of the hazards that autumn can bring.

Halloween treats

Keep chocolate and sweets away from your dog or cat as they are poisonous. Many sweets contain a sweetner called Xylitol which is highly poisonous to your pet


Autumn is the start of fireworks season, which can cause stress for some pets. To help your pet during this time, make your pet a den to retreat to, close all curtains and play music.

Safety on walks

Now the darker nights have arrived, if you are walking your dog during these times make sure you wear reflective clothing. You can also make your pet more visible by the use of a reflective collar or light which attaches to the collar.


If your pet is spending less time outside on walks due to the weather, be sure to adjust their diet to match.

Flea and ticks

Fleas and ticks are still prominent over the autumn period. Be sure to check your pets regularly for both parasites.


Keep antifreeze locked away, as it can be attractive to your cat and is poisonous to pets if swallowed.

Conkers and acorns

These can be poisonous to dogs. Make sure to keep an eye out on walks to make sure your dog does not consume them. If ingested conkers can cause intestinal blockages.

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