Dog owners please note that since 6 April 2016 it is a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped.

Microchipping is, quite simply, the best way yet devised of marking your pet as yours!

A microchip carries a unique number which is stored on a central database that can be accessed by vets, dog wardens and re-homing centres.

The microchip is around the size of a grain of rice and is placed through the skin between the shoulder blades. The process is quick and permanent.

Vets and nurses routinely scan all waifs and strays that arrive at the practice, including the ones that have already wheedled their way into someone else's affections.

We have reunited many lost cats and dogs with their owners by means of the mighty microchip.

We also recommend chipping rabbits, tortoises, parrots and any other creature that just might stray or get stolen.

Microchipping is also a requirement of the PETs travel scheme.

Microchipping can be done by either a vet or a qualified nurse.

The cost of microchipping is £21