Free Weight Clinics

Pet obesity is one of the most common conditions we see - affecting cats, dogs, and increasingly, rabbits.

The problem is that weight gain is a gradual process and obesity can be overlooked or, to a degree, accepted.

Weight gain is not immediately life threatening or debilitating but affects nearly every body system. An obese pet will have a reduced life expectancy.

Reasons for obesity are varied and range from simply overfeeding or lack of exercise to a genetic predisposition.

Weight clinics have been long established at The Veterinary Centre and are run by our qualified and experienced Veterinary Nurses. You may be referred when you see a vet - or you can simply book a first appointment if you are concerned that your pet may be overweight.

Weight loss can be a real battle, demanding a long term commitment on your part and regular visits to the clinic - initially fortnightly. We measure progress and offer ongoing support and encouragement. We know how appealing big brown eyes can be and how skillfully our pets can manipulate us!

Pet Weight Clinics are available at both Henley and Twyford branches.

There is no charge for this clinic.