Adolescent Check

An adolescent check is a 30 minute nurse clinic for adolescent puppies six or seven months old.

It is a long time between the second puppy vaccine and the first annual booster vaccine. These clinics provide an opportunity for you to bring your puppy to the surgery so that they get to know and like us a little better.

We will perform a “mini clinical exam” making sure your puppy is happy to have their ears looked at, the mouth examined and the feet played with.

We will check their weight, make sure they are growing correctly, discuss diet and the number of times a day to feed.

We will check their teeth to make sure their adult dentition is coming through properly.

The clinic is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have.These may be clinical ‘When should I get my puppy neutered?’ ‘When do I need to worm him next?’, or behavioural ‘My puppy jumps up at visitors, what can I do about this?’ ‘Why has my puppy started to eat his own faeces?’. Our experienced veterinary nurses are there to help and advise you.

Owning a dog can be extremely hard work but also very rewarding. The “teenage” months are often the most difficult and these nurse clinics are there to support you through them, as well as making sure that your puppy (and you) will enjoy coming to see us for the duration of their life.

Each 30 minute appointment costs £27.55.

Please telephone the surgery to make an appointment.