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Meet Snoop. Snoop became a blood donor for the first time and he was simply the best!

Snoop's parents received a telephone call late Sunday morning asking if we could use him as a blood donor. They had previously volunteered Snoops services as a donor and so he had already been blood typed. Fortunately he was the correct blood type (DEA1.1 +VE) for our critically ill patient.

Snoop's parents were a little concerned as to how he would behave as normally he can be a little exuberant however, they need not have worried as he was impeccably behaved and a model blood donor. He sat patiently whilst Vet Helen collected a whole unit of blood. He was then rewarded for his bravery with a bowl of food, some free treats to go home with and, later on in the year, a free booster vaccination.

Snoop blood taking.jpgSnoop blood.jpg

We desperately need more dog blood donors like Snoop and cat blood donors too. If you own a large, fit, fully vaccinated dog or cat (who hasn't travelled outside the country) and who is under 8 years of age, and you would like them to be a life saver please do get in touch.

Snoops bravery and his parent's willingness to drive him to the surgery on a Sunday definately helped save our patient's life and we are eternally grateful.

Snoop blood 2.jpgSnoop eating.jpg



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